Premiere Credit


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Don't see your question below? Ask Premiere using the Contact Us page located here. From questions about your account, completing a job application or consumer finance questions, we're here to help.


How can I reset my password? Consumers may call us at 866-808-7118 or email us using the Contact Us page.

I'm locked out of my account; what should I do? Resetting your account is easy. Please contact our consumer support team at 866-808-7118 or email us using the Contact Us page.

How can I see all my account information on your website? To ensure account data security, only portions of your account information are made viewable online. Please contact us at 866-808-7118 if you need additional information or online assistance.

How do I comment on an employee’s performance? If you have a compliment or concern regarding any member of our team, please contact our director of compliance using our Contact Us page or call 855-403-1894.

How can I confirm Premiere is an authorized collection company for the Indiana Department of Revenue? We are proud of our business relationship with the Indiana Department of Revenue. Please visit this page to read more about our contract with the Indiana Department of Revenue.

How do I reach the Premiere ombudsman? An ombudsman is a resource to help resolve disputes about your loans. Contact us or call 855-403-1894.

Smart Money

  • Pay attention to your credit
  • Use cash if possible
  • Understand credit scores
  • Pay off balances quickly
  • Don't get discouraged!