Innovative Collection Solutions Maximizing Recoveries for the Public Sector

Premiere has established a solid reputation for delivering effective recovery strategies for the spectrum of governmental receivables bolstered by established internal business rules and best practices predicated on responsiveness, respect, and governance.

Our experience encompasses serving state governments and quasi-governmental accounts, including various state departments, city and county departments, and municipalities. For these clients, Premiere has attained a proficiency in managing and providing professional recovery of a broad range of government receivables, from the spectrum of taxes to traffic and vehicular violations, court fines and fees, and utilities.

Through our partnerships with federal, state, and local government clients, Premiere has come to understand the unique relationship that exists between constituents and their government. We have incorporated this understanding into how we train our recovery specialists to engage your constituents, explain their debts, confirm acceptance and understanding of these debts, and provide solutions tailored to achieve positive outcomes.

Superior collection results are a primary measure of success; however, Premiere realizes all goals must be approached and executed in a manner that results in compliance with the law and positive outcomes for your constituents. The combination of our team members’ understanding constituents and Premiere’s philosophy of approaching each constituent as a person who could be our neighbor creates a synergistic pairing of attributes devised to resolve your accounts successfully. With this understanding, we focus on resolving cases in a thoughtful manner, recognizing these individuals are residents of their local community whose interactions with you are paramount to maintaining respect and compliance with government. Our “problem-resolution” approach focuses on resolving issues before they become a complaint. This maximizes returns and minimizes complaints and the administrative burden they create. This approach also enhances public trust and confidence in our clients and the collection process.

Outstanding Tax Obligations

Premiere understands the need to be responsive and accurate. From time to time elected officials and those in leadership roles will make an inquiry on behalf of their constituents. We understand it is paramount to provide revenue departments with timely, accurate, and complete details on each inquiry. Inquiries such as these may impact a revenue department’s relationship and standing with those who maintain tremendous affect over how it is perceived, funded, and considered. By providing responsive information and details, we assist revenue departments with maintaining and strengthening their reputations and prestige with the public and other government officials.

In most cases, responsive action and attention to taxpayers properly addresses and resolves matters that would otherwise become difficult. For this reason, Premiere is dedicated to providing exceptional customer services to taxpayers closely aligned with the client’s goals. Premiere’s philosophy is centered on treating each customer with respect and dignity throughout the collection process, regardless of the outcome. During the past 14 years, we have honed our training skills to condition recovery specialists on each revenue department’s customer service requirements and refined our collection processes so that our automated systems provide appropriate actions at the right time. From personal income tax, corporate income tax, excise taxes, sales and use taxes, and payroll withholding taxes to ad valorem taxes, county taxes, employment taxes, and other tax types, Premiere has deployed successful recovery strategies, delivering superior performance by providing taxpayers workable solutions to address their outstanding obligations.

Finally, Premiere recognizes that providing exceptional customer service and superior collection results is important in concert with providing top-quality governance over the project. We are committed to delivering data and information back to revenue departments on schedule. When errors and unforeseen events do occur, we will always respond in an ethical manner, providing full details, an honest assessment of the situation, and an action plan to resolve the issue.

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Non-Tax Receivable Recovery

Our proven processes and advanced strategies allow us to effectively bring most governmental receivables to resolution, achieving our clients’ goals of increased revenue generation. Premiere has attained a proficiency in managing and providing the professional recovery of a broad range of non-tax governmental receivables, including traffic and vehicular violations, court fines and fees, child support payments, utilities, licensing fees, service runs, benefits overpayments, federal and private student loans, institutional loans, and tuition and educational receivables.

We work with constituents to reach positive account resolution based on each individual’s unique financial situation. Understanding the nature of these debts allows us to discuss the constituent’s responsibilities and possible repercussions of not resolving their obligations, helping them find a way to relieve this burden.

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