Patient-focused, Technology-driven Healthcare Revenue Cycle Optimization

Premiere offers best-in-class receivables management solutions supported by more than 90 cumulative years of management healthcare revenue cycle expertise and our focus on maximizing revenue by incorporating a compassionate, patient-focused approach backed by industry-leading technology. We are dedicated to establishing client partnerships focused on collaboration, transparency, and compliance to maximize results for our client partners.

Committed to delivering exceptional service to clients and their patients in a compliant and respectful manner, Premiere implemented core values—compliance, analytics, responsiveness, ethics, and security—that embody our corporate culture and the concept that Premiere CARES—about our employees, our clients, and our clients’ patients.

We deploy sophisticated systems and tools, including business intelligence and predictive analytics, to optimize work efforts, reduce complaints, accelerate account resolution, and increase recoveries. These technologies are bolstered by Premiere’s secure, reliable infrastructure purpose-built to support healthcare recovery programs with rigorous processes to safeguard protected health information.

Insurance Resolution

Capitalizing on our insurance expertise and existing relationships with commercial and governmental payers, Premiere manages payer claims through all stages of resolution from initial billing and claim submission to denials, appeals, and under/overpayment issues. Our nimble processes are augmented based on best practices for each payer to create transparency and facilitate claim payment. We have fine-tuned our approach to include a balance of targeted calls, proprietary technology, and effective processing:

  • Initiate corrected billing
  • Obtain and submit missing insurance information
  • Resolve technical appeals due to underpayments or denials
  • Correct disputed contractual allowances and resubmit claims
  • Perform root cause analysis and identify denial trends
  • Reduce submission iterations
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Early Out Self-Pay Recovery

Premiere’s early-out program is designed to maximize provider revenue while safeguarding the provider’s brand and reputation. Highly trained patient account representatives focus on providing a patient-friendly experience, always approaching patients with support, respect, and understanding. Premiere's continuous investments in technology, training, business intelligence, and predictive analytics result in accelerated recoveries and improved results for our clients:

  • Employ targeted outbound calling campaigns to slow-paying and non-paying accounts
  • Apply a strategic approach designed to increase payments in the first 90 days
  • Adjust recovery tactics to address portfolios with an increased volume of small balance accounts
  • Counsel patients and guarantors to resolve their accounts and preserve financial well-being
  • Evaluate patient eligibility for financial assistance and charity programs
  • Monitor account representatives for compliance and performance against established KPIs
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Bad Debt Recovery

Premiere’s collection strategies are customized using data analytics to design optimal recovery strategies tailored to the provider’s portfolio characteristics. This approach enables Premiere to develop work strategies for each portfolio within days of placement, reducing the time required to achieve optimal performance and stable recovery rates. Our comprehensive collection program includes scrubbing, segmentation, and scoring of all accounts, regardless of balance or age at placement, to ensure application of the most effective and efficient collection techniques:

  • Deploy custom recovery program incorporating both inbound/outbound calling and letter strategies
  • Ensure positive patient experience by creating transparency through respect and integrity
  • Perform detailed financial analysis to evaluate the best resolution option for the patient
  • Improve profitability, cash flow, and operating income
  • Reduce uncompensated care expense
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AR Cleanup and Conversion Projects

Premiere’s aged inventory/legacy clean-up solutions are designed to resolve 95% of dollars placed within 6 to 7 months of referral, reconcile technical appeals due to underpayments or denials, and offer a sound strategy to address the volume of accounts referred. We adjust key performance metrics and customize workflows for each client’s portfolio to maintain performance and cash collections aligned with projections established during implementation:

  • Develop a strategic implementation process
  • Deploy analytics-driven root cause analysis to appropriately direct resources
  • Identify recovery areas, resolution opportunities, and potential issues to present to the client for correction
  • Segregate and prioritize accounts with payment potential to drive cash flow
  • Dedicate resources to resolution of non-revenue-generating accounts
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